We are a small family company. We like quality natural materials. We enjoy knitting and virtually any creative and creative activity. That's why we decided to start this shop where, we believe it  is full of original materials and products.

The materials that we offer carefully chosen and most of them have personally tested. We emphasize the quality of the goods, its uniqueness, and ultimately to protect the nature - therefore, we find entirely natural products with no artificial additives. Nature and its protection is very important to us! And for that reason we care for our offered products that were manufactured in accordance with environmental protection.

In addition to the yarns we offer our self-designed and produced knitted products, but also other "things and stuff" to us during our travels impressed and inspired, or that we have created.

We believe that our offer interesting and we look forward to your possible responses.

Studio Team LANA-ART


  • Atomic Knitting
    Atomic Knitting
  • Blue Sky Alpacas
    Blue Sky Alpacas
  • Cardiff Cashmere
    Cardiff Cashmere
  • Karen Noe
    Karen Noe
  • Kawasaki Ribbon
    Kawasaki Ribbon
  • Lotus Yarns
    Lotus Yarns
  • SoHo Publishing
    SoHo Publishing
  • Studio LANA-ART s.r.o.
    Studio LANA-ART s.r.o.